Introducing Sympfiny®

A Next Generation Multiparticulate Delivery System

Sympfiny® is an innovative oral delivery system for dosing and dispensing dry powder, microsphere, and multiparticulate drug formulations.

Sympfiny’s breakthrough system enables caregivers to store, extract, and deliver dry drugs with the same familiarity used with traditional liquid oral drugs. The patent pending design allows easily controlled precise dispensing, ensuring all medication is delivered in the child’s mouth.

Sympfiny can be used in a wide variety of settings and by a diverse set of users. Sympfiny was designed with the entire supply chain in mind. The system’s bottle can be pre-filled or pharmacy filled. The internal valve and bottle cap design ensure the drug is protected through shipment, storage and use. The re-usable syringe comes in two sizes with both offering adjustable dose settings.

Sympfiny® Benefits

The benefits of multiparticulates and Sympfiny include:

  • Easing the reformulation of adult drugs to pediatric use
  • Tasted masked formulations
  • Differentiation opportunities in reformulation ranging from children’s pain medication to antibiotics
  • Easing the parent/caretaker’s task of administering medication to children
  • Improved compliance with therapy schedule
  • Familiar syringe and bottle design which mimic oral syringes for faster adoption by new users

To better understand Sympfiny and how it works, download the instructions for use here: Sympfiny Instructions for Use (1.0MB PDF)


Sympfiny® can be customized for a wide variety of drugs and doses.

  • Syringe size (dosing volumes)
  • Container size and form (facilitating ergonomics)
  • Childproof features incorporated into the cap design
  • Material colors for custom branding
  • Labeling areas

Sympfiny® 1ml

Capable of dosing up to 1ml of multiparticulate drug formulations

Sympfiny® 2ml

Capable of dosing up to 2ml of multiparticulate drug formulations


Oral multiparticulate technology, in the form of beads, mini-tablets and microspheres with coated and/or matrix architecture, offers a wide range of drug release profile flexibility for single or multiple drug combinations. They can be formulated as modified-release (e.g. extended, delayed, pulsed), immediate-release, bioavailability-enhanced, or taste-masked dosage forms.

In addition, multiparticulates provide predictable and consistent gastrointestinal transit and lower chances of undesirable events (e.g., dose dumping, colonic streaming) associated with tablets.  These multiparticulates can be dosed within capsules, tablets (microspheres, coated beads) or sachets.

Why Multiparticulates?

The benefits of multiparticulates include:

  • No inherent taste, eliminating the need to reformulate for various tastes
  • Shelf stable without refrigeration
  • Allows multitude of dose flexibility
  • May be dosed with or without water
  • Can be applied to the active ingredients of a wide range of drug molecules and drug release profiles
  • Does not require reconstruction
  • Stable across all global zones

“Almost three million children die needlessly each year from pneumonia and diarrhea alone.

The treatment of choice for pneumonia – amoxicillin – appears to be available in developing countries, however critically, not in the recommended dose and formulation.”

— The Pathway to Better Medicines for Children (2011)

Trusted Drug Packaging Specialists

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HS Design has over 40 years experience in pharmaceutical drug delivery design and is a recognized leader in the pharmaceutical delivery field with expertise in Human Factors, User Expereience, Design, and Engineering. HSD’s user-centered design perspective coupled with engineering expertise provides high quality with a consumer focus.

Röchling Medical develops and produces pharmaceutical primary packaging solutions and delivery systems. Röchling employs cutting-edge technology in its products and production facilities to ensure superior, cost effective solutions for their customers worldwide. Our high-quality products offer customers exceptional pharmaceutical hygiene, reliability, and application safety.

HS Design and Röchling’s strategic partnership brings a unique advantage for developing first-of-kind devices, and create Sympfiny. Everything we do for and with our customers is done by motivated and qualified specialists at our local organizations. These individuals are accessible globally and cooperate closely for creating the highest value for our customers.

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